Final Fantasy XV update 1.12 now available, adding off-road driving and prepping Episode Prompto

Square Enix clearly remain very commited to updating and improving Final Fantasy XV - and impressively, many of these updates continue to stretch beyond bug fixes or tweaking broken bits of the game.

The latest update is now live, and its banner feature is an all-new change - the ability to drive the Regalia car off-road. This is something that'd been teased when Square began asking for fan feedback on what should be added to the game.

This latest update, patch 1.12, will take up 8.65 gigabytes of space on PS4 - it's a big one.

The update does the following:

Final Fantasy XV is out now, and we've got a bunch of content on the site including a detailed review and a guide to some of the game's more complex systems.

Square Enix recently teased that they have 'big plans' for FF15 this summer and will announce more at Gamescom - so there's never been a better time to jump back in, it seems.