Learn More about Blast Skills and Town Facilities in Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2

The latest Weekly Famitsu magazine has a new information batch for Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2, the sequel to the collaboration title between Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon. This batch showcases a new feature in this game called Blast Skills, as well as introducing town facilities that can be upgraded.


Blast Skills

Blast Skill is a powerful move activated by consuming the Blast Gauge which is shared by the whole party. Some of these skills are shared for all jobs, and some others are exclusive for certain jobs. They have various effects from attacking enemies, healing allies' HP, to raising EXP points gained.

The Blast Gauge is raised by attacking enemies or stepping on Crystal Floors in dungeons, the latter of which also recovers character TPs. Blast Skills can be learned from Secret Art Scroll items, which can be obtained by completing certain requests from the tavern.

Listed below are some examples of the job-exclusive Blast Skills:

  • Swordsman: Heavenly Strike - Launches powerful slashes that could even cut off the sky in the entire room. This Blast Skill makes use of Swordsman's advantage which is having high attack power.
  • Alchemist: Rampage Arts - Launches 3 powerful elemental attacks in the entire room, selected randomly between Fire, Ice, and Thunder.
  • Monk: Chakra Unleash - Gives HP regen effect to all party members in the room for 3 turns, and also raises their elemental attack & defense stats.
  • Farmer: Blessings of Earth - Seals heads, arms, and legs of enemies in the room for 10 turns. Also possible to greatly enhance stats of party members.
  • Pirate: Dice of Destiny - Throws a dice that will give different effects based on the result, which is as follows:
    1: Activates light effect that visualizes the entire floor
    2: All enemies disappear without rewarding experience
    3: Heal party members inside the room
    4: A random unit in the room other than the user is given instant death, regardless of enemy or ally
    5: Raises movement speed of all party members in the room
    6: Deals damage to enemies in the room


The following section introduces facilities in Oberfe town that will aid adventurers.

  • Adventurers Guild: In this guild which is managed by Traole, the player can register adventurers and include party members. The way of exploring dungeons and fighting enemies will differ by the party composition. The player can also edit their Guild Card here, which will include data such as playtime and party members.
    Leveling up the Guild will add more slots for registering new adventurers.
  • Hot Springs Inn Komorebi: This inn, which also has a unique hot spring, is managed by Conua. The player can save their game in the inn, and they can also go into the hot spring to recover from fatigue, store money and items, and check an encyclopedia of monsters and items. Conua may also sometimes give players a meal box item that can recover HP and hunger of party members.
    Leveling up the Inn will add more item slots in the storage.
  • Golden Wheat Tavern: Traole's twin younger brother Yobo here works as the tavern master. He gathers requests that range from collecting items to beating monsters, and there will be rewards for completing them, such as money or even leveling up facilities. Yobo can also serve meals that will give effects like more attack power.
    Leveling up the Tavern will unlock new dishes to eat. 
  • Garac Factory: The factory store is being managed by Rajim, the third son of the factory family. The player can buy and sell equipment and materials, and also upgrade or attach special effects to equipment such as adding element or status effects.
    Leveling up the Factory will add new purchasable weapons such as Hammer.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 will be released for Nintendo 3DS on August 31st in Japan. There is no English localization announced as of yet. You can also read the initial announcement news of the game here.