Nippon Ichi Confirm new Title

As we previously reported, this week Nippon Ichi Studios officially opened the website for an all new title.

We can now confirm that this all new title is Soul Cradle: Sekai wo Kurau Mono. With all this talk of next-gen consoles, I was somewhat surprised to find that the title will be winging it's way to Japanese PS2 consoles in 2007 - but when next year is yet to be confirmed.

The game is set to have a similar graphical style to Disgaea, Makai Kingdom and other NIS titles. It takes place in a medieval world inhabited by humans and many other creatures of different shapes and sizes. Once upon a time, in a true RPG style, the world of the game was in a state of peace. While some evils attempted to shatter it, they were defeated and the peace remained.

200 years on from that climatic battle, it turns out that the evil Gig - the cause of the chaos in the past - did not in fact die. His spirit enters the main character's body, and using our hero he intends to restore himself to power and then bring chaos to the world once more.

There has been little else announced about the title, and all this is just what we can work out from the Japanese Site, but it seems right away that this game will appeal to and more than likely be a hit with any fans of Nippon Ichi's other Strategy RPGs.

As always, stick with RPGSite - we'll bring you more use on Soul Cradle in Japan, and any rumblings of a Western release as and when it happens.