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Dragon Quest XI confirmed for PS4 in the west

While Square Enix hesitated to share what platforms Dragon Quest XI will be released for in the west, and instead told the fanbase to wait until this fall to hear more about it.

Well, Sony didn't want to wait and instead shared the localization announcement trailer for the highly-anticipated RPG on their YouTube channel. Of course, this surprises no one given the success of the PS4, but it's a nice piece of news regardless.

It remains to be seen whether the west will see the Nintendo 3DS version (lord, I hope so), as there's a lot more excitement around the Nintendo Switch (which we haven't seen any footage for).

You can watch the aforementioned trailer below. Dragon Quest XI is set to be released in the west in 2018.

UPDATE: Sony has removed the trailer from their YouTube channels. Guess we'll have to wait for them to RE-confirm it.

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