Japanese demo of Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch version will be published August 10

Capcom has just announced through the Japanese news site 4Gamer that the Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter XX will be available to the public at the Japanese Nintendo eShop on August 10.

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) is the expanded version of Monster Hunter X (Cross; which was also localized to the West as Monster Hunter Generations) that adds more new and returning monsters as well as the high-difficulty G-rank quests. It was first available on Nintendo 3DS on March 18, however, there is no news of an English localization for MHXX as of yet.

This demo will have three quests available with varying difficulty levels. Beginners are recommended to take the Great Maccao quest, Intermediate players can fight Barioth, and Expert players are welcomed to challenge the newly added elder dragon Valphalk. Local multiplayer with up to 4 players is also supported. All weapon types and styles are available to choose in this demo, which will require at least 1.8GB of free space.

Also in a related news, in order to celebrate the release of the Nintendo Switch version, an original Palico made in collaboration with karaoke brand Joysound -named Joyrou- will be available to download from the full game's release date on August 25.


Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch will be released in Japan on August 25. Although this title is currently only available in Japan, thanks to the Nintendo Switch being region-free, overseas players are also able to download and access the game just by adding a Japanese account on their consoles.

Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Version Screenshots
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