Lost Sphear screenshots introduce the Jigan Empire, Memories, and Artifacts

Square Enix has posted new screenshots and information for Lost Sphear, the sophomore title from Tokyo RPG Factory following last year's I Am Setsuna. 

We are introduced to the Jigan Empire, which is the world largest nation and covers about half of the globe. While is it a state with advanced machinery and has a large military presence, politics have been put in place to ensure nothing takes higher priority than the well-being of its people.


The prime minister Zemlord acts as the ruler of the nation, working with the trust of the royal emperor as well as the support of the people. If crisis ever comes to the Empire, he will act in whatever means necessary to defend it. 


Gardula acts as Zemlord's right-hand-man and the Emperor's Knight Commander. He also boasts the best sword arm in the Imperial Army, learned from his father. He uses a katana.

The Empire is investigating the Lost phenomenon, where places across the world are forgotten and subsequently removed from the world. Having seen Kanata's abilities to restore Lost memories, they ask for his aid.

In order to reproduce places that have been lost, it is necessary to invoke the feelings about the lost memory by talking to people, or reading books about the lost things, and Kanata can use his power to crystallize the Memory. Crystallized Memories can also be found by fighting monsters in the region, or sometimes found on the journey.


We are also introduced to 'Artifacts' - monuments of the world that, when restored, reveal more of the game world and can have an additional effect on the player in gameplay. For example, restoring a lighthouse can allow you to see nearby enemies HP and TP values, and restoring a gate can increase your critical chance. Some artifacts can also increase the chance for enemies to drop their spoils. 


Lost Sphear is set to release on January 23 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Find release date announcement here and world details here. We also have a fully translated interview with director Atsushi Hashimoto which you can read here.

Lost Sphear Screenshots