Divinity: Original Sin II gets a trailer, voice acting, and co-op updates ahead of September release

The team at Larian Studios has been hard at work developing Divinity: Original Sin II, whose Kickstarter campaign finished in 2015 with more than $2,000,000 in crowd-funding. While the first act has been available in Early Access for about a year, the final release of the game is set for September 14 for $44.99. And in the lead up to release Larian has been eager to share what players are going to experience in their new game.

Larian has been posting persistent updates on the game's progress via their Kickstarter page and official sites. With the full release coming up soon, Larian has provided some BIG updates regarding new features in Original Sin II. Considering the first game basically swept our awards back in 2014, we're certainly excited to see what Larian has in store for the sequel.


Most notably, while the game was not originally planned to have voice-acting, Larian recently announced that Original Sin II will actually fully feature voiceover content with "more than 1 million words and over 74,000 lines of voiced dialogue". 

Larian notes that not only are main characters voiced, but each of more than 1000 different character and creature NPCs will also have voices done by a cast of about 80 actors. Considering the game has six origin character stories for the player to choose from, Divinity: Original Sin II has more content than can be seen in one playthrough.


The game will also feature controller support and a split-screen co-op mode for the PC version, where a second player can jump right into and join the game sharing the same screen. The game also supports online co-op as well for a total of up to 4 players. These sorts of enhancements weren't available for the original game until its Enhanced Edition a year after release.

That only scratches the surface of what Divinity Original Sin II has to offer. With Game Master Mode, Summoning and more, we're liking what we're hearing and excited to jump into Larian's latest project.

Find three of the newly released videos below: a new trailer, along with update videos detailing sound recordings and co-operative play.


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Voice Recordings and Orchestral Soundtrack

Controller Support, 4-player Co-op, and Splitscreen

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