Learn more about Fire Emblem Warriors' History Mode and Upgrade systems

Previously we reported that the Weekly Famitsu magazine had confirmed Sakura and Male Corrin for Fire Emblem Warriors. Now that the magazine has been published, we get to take a deeper look at the article and found out many new details on the game systems. We compiled all of the information from the magazine, which you can read after the jump.



  • Elise
    The youngest child in the four royal siblings of the Kingdom of Nohr. With her cheerful and innocent personality, she brightens up the gloomy kingdom. Her class is Rod Knight, in which she fights while riding a horse. However, in addition to healing allies with her staff, she will be also equipped with offensive magic, which in the original game would be only added in the promoted Valkyrie/Strategist class.
  • Sakura
    The kind-hearted princess of the Kingdom of Hoshido. She was separated with Fire Emblem Fates' protagonist Corrin since their childhood. Other than healing allies with her staff just like Elise, Sakura will use a bow as her offensive weapon, which would be similar to the Priestess class in Fire Emblem Fates.
  • Male Corrin
    A young man who had the past of being raised in the Kingdom of Nohr despite having the bloodline of Hoshido. A dragon power is hidden inside him, so other than fighting with the Yato sword, he can also transform into a dragon and even attack with his dragon form. His moveset and stats are entirely the same as his female counterpart, and he's also confirmed to receive the same treatment as Female Robin, as he will be only available through the game's replay values while Female Corrin will take the spotlight in the game's story.

Gameplay Systems

  • Weapon Tempering
    Player will obtain numerous weapons in the game, and each weapon will have abilities that give advantages to the character equipping them. Abilities on a weapon can be transferred to another weapon through the Tempering process, provided that the destination weapon has enough empty slots for those abilities. An example of a weapon ability given in the article is Physical & Magical Swap, which will swap the user's physical attack and magic attack stats.
  • Weapon Appraisal
    Some of the weapons obtained will have abilities that are sealed and will not activate until certain requirements have been fulfilled, for example by getting a total of 2000 KOs with the said weapon. Normally, the player wouldn't be able to know what the sealed ability is until it is unlocked. However, this game has an Appraisal system that lets the player take a peek on the true identity of the sealed ability by paying with some in-game money.
  • Emblem Shop
    The Emblem Shop has a tree chart of Emblems that will provide permanent upgrades to characters. These Emblems can be unlocked by spending money and materials, and their effects range from increasing the number of equipable skills to adding new moves in the character's moveset. Each character will have different Emblem tree, so it is up to the player on how to progress through those Emblem trees.
  • Skill
    Fire Emblem Warriors will also have a Skill system. After upgrading the character in the Emblem Shop, they will be able to equip up to 3 skills at once. Skills are basically unique to a character, but they will be able to equip another character's skill after they have deepened bonds with each other.
    Skills will require materials and money to equip. For example, the Luna skill, which reduces enemy's Defense & Resistance stats for the user's attacks based on their Luck stat, will require 5 copies of Chrom's Leather Belt along with 1,500 Gold.
  • Class Change
    Class Change or Promotion has been a staple in Fire Emblem series, and this system is also included in Fire Emblem Warriors. The Master Seal item also makes its appearance in this game, which will let characters promote to a higher class that will also give them huge stat boosts and better clothing. In the article, Rowan is shown getting promoted into a Great Lord.
  • History Mode
    And finally, Fire Emblem Warriors will have History Mode, a game mode separate from the main Story Mode that will re-enact some famous scenes from each Fire Emblem title featured in this game. The player will get to move characters on 2D grid maps just like in the original games. When an ally character gets adjacent to an enemy unit, a battle (presumably in Warriors-style) will occur, which has some special requirements to clear. Fire Emblem Awakening's villain Validar is shown appearing in History Mode as an enemy NPC, and Gharnef's stage from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is also shown in the article.

Fire Emblem Warriors will be released for Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS on September 28 in Japan and Asia, and on October 20 in North America and Europe. Koei Tecmo has also planned an extensive announcement for the game at Tokyo Game Show on September 21-24, where events and live streams are being planned on every TGS day.

Fire Emblem Warriors Screenshots
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