Report: The Lost Child is being localized by NIS America

It seems as though somebody at NIS America pressed a button too early. While it has not been officially announced for localization, a YouTube video for Kadokawa Games' The Lost Child appeared via NISA's channel before promptly being removed. This is the internet though, where nothing can be removed so easily. The Lost Child is a first-person dungeon crawler from El Shaddai director Sawaki Takeyasu, as well as a sort of spiritual successor to El Shaddai

The Lost Child

If you are subscribed to NIS America's YouTube channel, you might have seen a notification for the trailer in your mailbox, announcing the game for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Also, while it may no longer appear in Google searches, results pointed to an official website at

NIS America has worked on several other Kadokawa titles - such as Demon Gaze, God Wars, and RPG Maker Fes - so it is not surprising that a localization will be brought through them. 

The story is about Hayato Ibuki, a magazine writer who, after investigating a story about someone who killed themselves in front of a train, is shoved onto the train tracks himself. Before he can be killed, a woman named Barcia saves him at the very last moment.


He is then presented with Pandora's Box that contains a demon gun that can capture and manipulate demons called Astrals - fallen angels, demons, and fallen angels that are forced to perform the owner's bidding. Hayato will soon meet a girl named Rua who calls herself an angel as they investigate other matters as they look to reunite with Barcia.

While we wait for an official announcement from NIS America, you can check out the final Japanese trailer below, as well as a bunch of Japanese screenshots in the gallery. You can find the debut Japanese trailer here and more gameplay details here.

The Lost Child Screenshots and Artwork