Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon - Story Trailer, Combat details and Screenshots

Koei Tecmo has released new battle system information and a bunch of screenshots for upcoming action RPG Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, detailing the game's fast paced combat system. The publisher also released a new trailer detailing the story premise for the game. 

As previously detailed, each Lily and Servan have a unique set of abilities and skills to contribute to combat, so the selection of your party participants seems to have a significant effect on the flow of battle. Striker type Servans can be transformed into weapons which ALuche can use in battle, providing a powerful boost to the player's combat ability. Humanoid Lily companions can also perform Double Chase special combination attacks, which tilt put the battle in the player's favor. Lily's can also help by providing passive boosts known as Special Skills.


There are also large enemy fiends that Aluche will encounter that will require the use of terrain and the environment to take down. One such boss monster is the spider Vallderossa.

Find the trailer, press release, and a batch of screenshots below.

As Aluche and her battle party set off on their journey to defeat the Moon Queen, they will encounter a variety of devious and dastardly demons; some of which mean to bring them harm and others which wish to join them on their quest. The mighty Striker type Servans are invaluable assets to any battle party, transforming from their demonic forms to powerful weapons which Aluche can wield in battle. Controlling the Striker type opens up a plethora of abilities to aid in combat situations, improving Aluche’s skills in either long range or close combat depending on which particular Servan she relies upon.

Making the most of the eccentric cast of human and demonic companions is incredibly important in securing victory, and players will be able to choose their dream battle party to give them a selection of unique abilities. The beautiful Lilies are able to perform an impressive combination attack with Aluche, Double Chase. When requirements in battle are met this attack can quickly change the tide of the fight, causing overwhelming damage to anyone in its path. Active Skills, used by Aluche, and Special Skills, activated by the Lilies, can also offer a boost to Aluche’s team in the form of increased health, attack or defence.

Amidst the waves of demons which plague the land are large fiends -- devastating boss creatures which will require Aluche and company to utilise not only their innermost strength, but the environments around them as well. Breaking barrels of flammable liquid, for example, can be used to coat the enemy in flame accelerant so that an elemental fire attack will do considerably more damage! Aluche will encounter a unique selection of bosses from Vallderossa, a giant spider which uses its webs to fight, to the Blue-Blooded Fish Joe, which hides underground waiting for an opportunity to strike. 

Koei Tecmo also announced a post-launch costume bonus for each the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions for those who purchase the game within 3 months from launch. Players who buy the Switch version will obtain a Fatal Frame Yuri Kozukata Outfit, and players who buy PS4 version will obtain the Timenoid Restrains Costume from the Deception series. You can see these costume in the gallery below.

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon is set to release on October 24 in North America and October 27 in Euopre for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Koei Tecmo previously released a character trailer and Servan/Lily system details, which you can find here.

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon Screenshots
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