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Etrian Odyssey V - Rover and Necromancer class trailers

Atlus USA has released two more class trailers for the upcoming Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth, introducing Rovers and Necromancers. Atlus also has a preview of the 24-page artbook that is included in the launch edition of the game.


Rovers are like Survivalists or Arbalists is previous Etrian Odyssey titles, having expertise in long ranged attacks and delivering damage from the back row. They also have many useful abilities outside of combat when it comes to exploring the labyrinthine mazes of Yggdrasil. Rovers go one step further even and can get assistance from local animals for support.


A new class to Etrian Odyssey, Necromancers aren't great fighters on their own but can provide a variety of benefits through the Wraiths that they can conjure. Wraiths can act as decoys for your main party (while they deal damage on their own right), and they can also be sacrified by Necromancers for several kinds of effects. Sacrifices can heal the party, debuff the enemy, or boost the party's stats.

Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth is set for release on October 17th in North America. A free demo is currently available on Nintendo eShop. You can find the previous class trailers at the following links:

Fencer, Warlock, Dragoon



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