Watch the new gameplay trailer for Summon Night 6: Lost Borders

Gaijinworks has released an English gameplay trailer for their new SRPG, Summon Night 6: Lost Borders. It's been continuously delayed for months now so there is no final release date yet, but the official website reassures that the game is almost close to release.

It features 60+ characters, 60,000 lines of text with over 20,000 lines voiced, over 250 affinity-building "night conversation" modes, 35 endings, and three kinds of quests (story, dispatch, and endless domain) with well over 100 battles if you do them all. If you're new to the series, a built-in encyclopedia lets players access indexed historical information about the Summon Night universe since the very first game. Cross-save is also featured, so if you have both versions for the PS4 and Vita, you can transfer your save between then to play it at home and on the go.

Both the North American and European releases will be tested to ensure a simultaneous release physically and digitally in North America as well as digitally on PSN in Europe, which would be a first for the publisher. You can view more of the game's screenshots and limited Wonderful Edition in our previous posts.

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