Yakuza Online trailer shows the First Look at Gameplay

The official Ryu ga Gotoku studios Youtube channel released the Tokyo Game Show 2017 trailer for Yakuza ONLINE. Yakuza ONLINE stars Kasuga Ichiban, the new protagonist of the Yakuza series. Writer Masayoshi Yokoyama and director Daisuke Sato also spoke in great length to 4Gamer about the system of Yakuza ONLINE.

Yakuza ONLINE will feature motion graphics as a form of cutscene along with voice acting to add to the dramatic tone of the story. They wanted to keep the tone consistent between this mobile title and the console title, the tentatively titled Shin Ryu ga Gotoku. The story is structured in a way that the player will follow the main scenario of the story while performing various missions in Kamurocho.

Where gameplay elements are concerned, Yakuza ONLINE will follow the mobile "card game" formula which is popular in Japan and has found a foothold in the West. Various characters from previous titles will make an appearance or be available as characters to pull. Saejima, Majima, the Tojo Clan, and the Omi Alliance were mentioned. The game will have optional in-game purchases such as currency for character pulls since it will follow the gatcha system. Gang versus Gang (or GvG) will be available in Yakuza ONLINE. You will be able to fight other players alongside your friends and allies.

There will be no differences between the PC or iOS+Android version of the game.

You can watch the trailer below.

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Yakuza ONLINE will launch for PC, iOS, and Android in Japan in 2018.

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