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Demon Gaze II Global Edition Revealed in Japan

The latest Weekly Famitsu magazine has revealed that Kadokawa Games and Experience will be releasing Demon Gaze II Global Edition for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan. Note that although NIS America is also going to release a localized version of Demon Gaze II to the West, we think this Global Edition will have almost the same build for a reason we'll elaborate after the jump.

Demon Gaze 2 Global Edition - Famitsu.jpg

Being the first ever title by Experience to be released on the PS4 in Japan, the Global Edition will have full HD support. It will also include the Call of the Grimodar DLC in the game so no further data downloads are required.

But the biggest surprise is that Demon Gaze II Global Edition will include options for English text and even English voiceover. That means those who buy this Japanese re-release can opt to have Japanese text with English voices if they so wish.

Kadokawa Games and Experience will release Demon Gaze II Global Edition in Japan on December 14. Meanwhile, NIS America will be handling the release of Demon Gaze II's localization in the US on November 11, and in Europe on November 14. You can also watch the latest Western trailer right here.

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