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First Screenshots and Details for Nippon Ichi 2D action RPG 'Your Four Knight Princesses'

Nippon Ichi has announced a 2D action RPG titled 'Your Four Knight Princesses', set to release on January 25, 2018 in Japan for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch. It has not yet been announced for localization.

The premise of the game is that you, the player, are a combat expert known as the “Instructor Knight,” and you are to visit the four “Relic Islands” to meet with the princess of each land and to bring guidance to them.

These kingdoms are: “The Kingdom of Alixern,” a country centered on agriculture; “The Rust Magic Guild,” which places emphasis on knowledge above all else; the “Noble Trade Alliance,” which places itself on the utilization of ancient relics; and the “North Amata Clan Federation,”  home to demi-humans.

Lilliati - Both the princess and the head knight of her kingdom, she's not well suited at tackling complex social issues. However, she adored by her people for her bright and positive demeanor

Veronica - A prodigy witch who also runs a prominent magic guild. She can be arrogant at times but charismatic when talking about magical talent.

Monmaria - A former member of the aristocracy, she now works for a mercenary group. Despite her loss of status, she still has many who admire and look up to her as she seeks to revive her family's namesake.

Alpana - Not only is she the Princess of the Dragon People, she is also the head of her island's religious faith. She hopes to bring peace and coexistence for people of all races.

A primary gameplay system is that of “praise or scold”, where the player chooses a selection at various points in combat. By praising or scolding appropriately, you can offer them temporary stat bonuses allowing you to effectively succeed in battle. The specific reaction you get for either selection depends on the battle situation as well as the princess' personality.

Other combat details are not yet clear, but it seems you control both a princess and the instructor while issuing orders to soldiers.

Find screenshots and character art can be found below. 

Your Four Knight Princesses Screenshots and Artwork

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