Sega teasing a new Valkyria Project to be revealed next week

Earlier today, Sega launched a new teaser page for a potential new entry in the Valkyria Chronicles franchise.

While all we have to go off of is a single screen, it does bear some interest because they're planning for this to be a worldwide release (the English landing page is a dead giveaway), meaning you can strike a pachinko machine off the list. And while the pessimitic in us would guess it may be some mobile game, Sega in fact had a free-to-play entry in the past.

Valkyria Chronicles Duel was a card-based social game for browsers and mobile devices. That was shut down a couple years ago, so it's hard to imagine they'd take another crack at it. Even if they do, they very likely will go back to the strategy genre. Something tells me after the way Valkyria Revolution was panned pretty universally, they'll lean back into what made it popular to begin with.

Either way, we will find out what exactly this will be on November 20. Per the official Twitter account, they'll be updating the page every day at noon Japan time. 

As you can see from the still of the teaser page below, there's an ESRB Privacy Certified logo, which would indicate a full-service online or mobile game, but it's flanked on the lower left side by a Rating Pending logo. Time will tell.