Watch the Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Time Travel trailer

Arriving to the Americas on February 13 and Europe on February 16 for the Nintendo 3DS, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology receives a new trailer featuring the return to Vainqueur and unlocking the time traveling power of the White Chronicle once again.

Radiant Historia was released six years ago, and this expanded port will feature tons of added gameplay and story content, updated presentation, and new ways to experience the adventure. A retelling of the classic, it will contain redesigned character art, new character voice-overs, a brand-new opening animation by A-1 Pictures, new theme song, event illustrations, five new tracks from Yoko Shimomura, and additional difficulty settings. 

The game has two different modes, Append and Perfect, which is considerate towards the original game's fans. Append mode allows you to beat the original game before having the option to start a New Game+ with the added content, while Perfect mode lets you play through the game with the inclusion of the third timeline from the beginning. 

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