CD Projekt RED Senior Gameplay Designer creates Immersion Mod for The Witcher 3

Ah, game modifications. They do the world of PC gaming good when you can take a game you may have already loved and make it a lot better (or in some cases, unbreak a broken game). The Witcher 3, one of the best RPGs of recent memory, has been a huge benefactor of this scene, having received hundreds of mods that improved or enhanced the experience in sometimes oddball ways. 

In this case, Andrzej Kwiatkowski, CD Projekt RED's senior gameplay designer for The Witcher 2 and 3 and is now working on Cyberpunk 2077, has released a full immersion mod for The Witcher 3. Yes, that's right - even the original development team is finding ways to tweak the game from its original state.

While the changes may seem granular, it delivers some rather robust features the game didn't originally include that would put it more on the wave of Elder Scrolls. For example, it adjusts the way non-playable characters (or NPCs) react when Geralt steals something when they're nearby. Originally, no one would do a damn thing when Geralt would pluck their possessions in plain sight.

Now, however, those same people react in different ways based on the circumstances of the theft. If they are distracted by helping a customer or in the middle of a discussion, they won't be aware of your nefarious plans. However, if someone happens to catch you in the middle of the act as they're passing by, they'll call you out on it. They may also get intimidated or run away for fear of any repercussions of being a witness.


This also plays a role on how the town on a whole may react to your behavior. While the villages may continue to be wary whenever you're around, thinking you may commit the same crime again, the guards may simply let you go on with your business like this is part of normal life.

There are also plenty of other re-balancing and adjustments made to the different skill and weapon trees, nerfs to some overpowered player builds, and other tweaks to the character progression system. That includes lowering the seemingly-invincible guards to be more in line with other players since they "shouldn't pose a threat to a legendary witcher."

Andrzej previously released a full combat rebalance mod for Witcher 2 that was designed to correct Geralt's responsiveness and mobility in battle. 

Be sure to check out the mod for yourself and let us know what you think!

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