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Get to know Climaria and more enemy characters in Valkyria Chronicles 4

Sega has published a new information batch for Valkyria Chronicles 4 at the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine. This time it introduces the enemy characters -including the trademark enemy Valkyria- as well as a brand-new gameplay mechanic that wasn't in prior Valkyria Chronicles games.

We have compiled information from the magazine based on early excerpts that are made available by Hachima and Alternator. You can read about them right after the jump.

Enemy Characters
All of the following characters are grouped under the X-O (pronounced Zechs-Owl) squad, a special experimental unit under the Empire's science institute that will confront the protagonist's Squad E on multiple occasions.

  • Climaria Levin (voiced by Yukana)
    The Valkyria who is also known as the Blizzard Witch. She is a special captain in the X-O squad. As she is forced to live as an experimental subject in the Valkyria Experimental Facility, she has a strong inferiority complex. She moves together with a wolf named Fenrir, which is also her friend.
  • Forse (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa)
    The X-O squad's strategic commander. Because his legs are impaired, he cannot directly participate in battles. However, he has great confidence in himself and is able to stay calm under any situations.
  • Belger (voiced by Sho Hayami)
    The X-O squad manager. He comes from a noble family and holds the highest authority in the Empire's science institute. He has the authority to enjoy a general's livelihood, and he uses the X-0 squad as his pawns.
  • Kiara Rosino (voiced by Yukiyo Fujii)
    A special member in X-O. She was raised together with Nicola like they are siblings in the Empire's research institute. She undertakes missions to obliterate Belger's enemies, and she has a sadistic personality.
  • Nicola Greff (voiced by Naomi Ozora)
    Another special member in X-O She and Kiara act like Belger's bodyguards. She is also a sadist, but unlike Kiara, she is even more malicious. Currently, it doesn't seem like Nicola and Kiara are getting along well.
  • Klaus Voltz (voiced by Hiroki Touchi)
    The leader of Ausbruch, an independent hooligan squad in the Empire army. An experienced famous general who goes into battles with his own tank, holding a strong belief to "protect people living in the Empire."

New Gameplay System: Brave
This system will have a certain percentage of activating when an ally character is in a dying state. When activated, the player can make a choice of either "Entrust" which replenishes a Command Point and also raises the stats of nearby allies, or "Stand Up" which will give an extra Attack Point and also make the character invincible for a single movement period.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be released first in Japan for PlayStation 4 on March 21, followed by a Nintendo Switch version in Summer 2018. The international release, which will include Xbox One as well, currently only has a release timeframe of 2018.

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