Monster Hunter: World will add more monsters with post-release update patches

Capcom has revealed more new information on Monster Hunter: World at PlayStation Experience 2017, showing a new trailer as well as announcing a collaboration with Mega Man. Sony has conducted an interview with Ryozo Tsujimoto and Kaname Fujioka.

However, it's not just them who had questions to ask, as the Japanese gaming media Famitsu also went on to interview the two afterward with new details that were not divulged in the former interview. We have made a full translation of Famitsu's interview, which you can read right after the jump.

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Famitsu: Please tell us the details on how you got to do a collaboration with Mega Man.

Tsujimoto: Mega Man is having his 30th anniversary this year. It’s an IP that’s popular worldwide, and the newest title Mega Man 11 has also been announced. Since it’s a very good timing, we considered doing the collaboration. We talked [to people] within the company and got an OK from them, so we wrapped up the content.

Fujioka: I really like Mega Man, so I proposed to make him look like 2D. It was a hectic work, but the designer did a really good job, so it has a gap from the setting of Monster Hunter: World in a good sense. We’re relieved that the receptions have also been good.

Tsujimoto: Mega Man is an IP from our own company, but there are a lot of people [inside the company] who love it. Even the Sound Team is also doing interesting things with him.

Fujioka: When the event quest to obtain Mega Man equipment shows up, it will play music from Mega Man series. But I got told [of an idea] for the song to “change based on the weapon type.”

Famitsu: In the live stream, Fujioka-san requested to “have Metal Man’s song for Lance.” But are there any other songs you definitely want to include?

Fujioka: The Sound Team has a great fixation, and they’re picking from the 8-bit songs of Mega Man series with a good balance. But I heard from one of them “I couldn’t find one that has the image of a Lance, so which song would be good?” So I suggested to them “Pick Metal Man’s song (which I like)” (laughs)

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Famitsu: Mega Man is the second collaboration title after Horizon Zero Dawn. In the first title, you’ve prepared equipment for both Hunter and Palico to become Aloy and Watcher respectively. But will it be only the Palico that gets one from Mega Man?

Tsujimoto: That’s right. We think Palico would better represent Mega Man’s posture, so only Palico will get Mega Man content.

Famitsu: In the PV, the Palico -which takes the form of Mega Man- is drinking an Energy Tank instead of the usual drink. But are there any other presentations you’re fixated on?

Fujioka: The weapon becomes a Mega Buster, and when it attacks there will be pixel bullets flying around. We’re fixated to the detailed parts, so we’ll be glad if you check every nook and cranny.

Famitsu: Have you decided on the publishing schedule of this Mega Man collaboration?

Tsujimoto: Currently we are wrapping up the schedule for event quests. That’s why we haven’t determined yet on when this collaboration will be published for now.

Famitsu: In the live stream you announced that there will be post-release free update patches, but what kind of features will be added there?

Tsujimoto: In Monster Hunter: World, we’re thinking about free update patches after release. Speaking in a tangible way, we plan to add new monsters among others, so we hope the game will become playable in the long term. Regarding which monsters will be added, we will inform of those later so please wait for it in anticipation.

Famitsu: Finally, please leave a message to the fans.

Fujioka: I think you all are currently enjoying the Beta test, but there’s still about a bit more than 1 month remaining until the release date. This Beta test also acts as a test to make the game more smoothly playable, so it’d be really helpful and we’d be also very glad if you cooperate in this Beta test by playing a lot.

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Tsujimoto: The Beta test has finally started, and we have less than 2 months remaining until release. We’re of course looking at the reactions on this Beta test, and I think the reactions have been very good. In order to live up to those expectations, we’re doing our best to release this game so please keep supporting us. Furthermore, regarding the information on update patches I’ve talked about just now, they will be announced in the future so please look forward to it.


Monster Hunter: World will be released worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam on January 26, with the PS4 version getting exclusive content such as the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration and also being the only version to be released in Japan. If you have a PlayStation Plus account, don't forget to join the Monster Hunter: World Beta which is currently ongoing until tomorrow.

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