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New screenshots for Attack on Titan 2 showcase character creation

Koei Tecmo has updated the official website for Attack on Titan 2, detailing five more playable characters, character creation, and more activities you can perform outside of battling titans.

Jean, Connie, Sasha, Marco, and Daz join the roster as playable characters. We also have new images showing Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Annie, Jean, Christa, Ymir, and Levi in more casual/private clothes in the gallery at the tail of this article. Check out Koei Tecmo's website to see overviews for each of these characters and to see the roster in full.

Koei Tecmo also details character creation, where you can create a player avatar and adjust their hair, body shape, clothing, and voice. With your player-created character, you can talk to other characters from the anime, develop equipment, go on scout missions to gain EXP and materials, upgrade your base, and train with other characters. Additionally, you can bond with other characters from the anime and see extra side-stories when you raise your friendship levels.

Attack on Titan 2 is set to release in Japan on March 15 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation Vita. The game will release on March 20 in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. 

Find screenshots in the gallery below.

Attack on Titan 2 Screenshots


Here is the press release from Koei Tecmo Europe (the game is titled A.O.T. 2 in the region)

Before diving into A.O.T. 2’s fan-favourite story, players are invited to create their very own customisable protagonist in the character creation studio. The studio offers a multitude of customisation options; including the ability to customise body shape, hairstyle, facial features, clothing and tone of voice. This comprehensive system provides all the necessary tools for a player to participate in their own unique ‘Attack on Titan’ experience.

 After taking on titanic foes across captivating battle sequences, players are able to experience the more tranquil day-to-day life of a Scout in the enhanced Town Life feature. A wide selection of handy amenities, crucial for battle preparation, are scattered around the camp; such as the Titan Research Room, Training Facilities, Regiment Store , and Regiment Administration office. These can be used to prepare for upcoming missions.

 Visiting the Titan Research Room will allow players to view the Titans which they’ve caught while using the Restraining Gun in battle, as well as read through detailed information to aid them in future encounters. To vanquish these devastating creatures, the player can increase the levels of their stats at the Training Facilities - choosing among activities such as traditional lectures and hand-to-hand combat training with fellow comrades.

 Resources are incredibly useful in the development and enhancement of weaponry, and can be used at the Regiment Store to improve the stats of a weapon as well as purchasing the required materials and high-grade equipment. Players will receive a bounty of these resources and materials with every victorious battle. To make for an even swifter victory, various types of bases, such as the Automated Artillery, can be built and upgraded!

 In A.O.T. 2 players are able to take on Scout Missions from regiment officers, providing an avenue for gaining experience, regiment funds, and rare materials—ones you would not come across in main missions. Players choosing to head out with their favorite comrades are able to deepen their relationships and gain a better understanding for their teammates; providing a greater edge in defeating their foes. KOEI TECMO Europe also released fresh new assets providing a first look at the ever-useful Town Life facilities, and introducing five new characters which can join players on these missions - Sasha Braus, Jean Kirschtein, Conny Springer, Marco Bodt, and Daz.

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