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Take a look at the opening movie for Death end re;Quest

UPDATE: We have added details of the game's battle system as mentioned in the Weekly Famitsu magazine. You can read them after the video links.

Developer Compile Heart earlier released the opening movie for their upcoming original RPG, Death end re;Quest.

Along with this footage, they have also shared a three-minute video that introduces the different game mechanics and the people you will be able to meet along your journey. You definitely get Kei Nanameda's art style in this one.

First off, here's the opening movie:

And here's that aforementioned three-minute trailer:

The battle system in Death end re;Quest is using a turn-based command battle system. At the left side of the battle screen, you can see the turn order of ally and enemy characters combined. Characters with higher speed stat will be able to act quicker. Once all characters have made their move, the next turn will begin.

Death end re;Quest has a Tri-Act system where a character can choose 3 commands in a single turn. For example, selecting Attack, Guard, and Guard will let them guard with better effect than normal while still attacking an enemy. There is also a Knock Bug system that lets characters knock enemies away and will also have effects depending on the direction. For example, knocking an enemy towards an ally character will cause the latter to deal additional damage to the enemy. Enemies can also be knocked towards a Field Bug that will result in the destruction of the said bug.

When a character gets into an infection rate of over 80%, they will change into Glitch Style that unleashes a cheat-level power. If the infection rate reaches 100%, not only will the character become incapacitated, they will also receive negative penalties when revived. However, while the Glitch Style is active, the character's stats will be greatly raised and it also allows them to use very powerful Wild Skills.

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In order to defeat strong enemies, the player should not only raise character levels but also prepare adequate equipment and items. These items can be bought from Rook (voiced by Hiroshi Nakamura), a beastman merchant who was rescued by Shina when he was attacked by monsters and afterwards would help her by selling items. However, perhaps due to the influence of bugs, there are copies of him scattered all over the game world, and all of them also share the same conscience as well as items to sell.

Death end re;Quest is set to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on March 1, 2018. There has yet to be any word of a localization, but we'll be sure to let you know whenever that happens.

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