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Makai Wars gets an opening movie and pre-registration site

Nippon Ichi Software along with developer Clover Lab have shared the opening movie for their new smartphone strategy RPG, Makai Wars. 

The game stars Asagi Asagiri, who cameoed in the original Makai Kingdom as a bonus character. More recently become sort of a mascot for NIS, making several appearances in other games since. Over time, more and more fans demanded Asagi to star in her own game. That game was supposed to be Makai Wars which was originally announced as a PlayStation 3 game back during E3 2004, but was quietly canceled. Now it has reappeared this past summer.

Those interested in checking out the Japanese release of the game can pre-register for it over at the game's official website. There, once you register, you will be eligible to receive "Goddess of Abundance: Freya" from YuruDrasil (another mobile game from Clover Lab) as a party member in Makai Wars when it launches.

To pre-register, all you have to do (if you don't have a Line account) is click the orange button below the green one, enter your email address in the box, and click whether you want to register for iOS or Android. Voila - you're good to go.

Take a look at the opening movie below:

Makai Wars is set to be released for iOS and Android sometime in spring 2018 in Japan. There has been no word on a western localization as of yet.

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