Onmyoji soft-launches in English to selected countries ahead of 2018 full release

Onmyoji, an immensely popular mobile game that has taken Asia by storm, has soft-launched in English ahead of the planned 2018 full release to select countries. Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden now have access to download Onmyoji on both iOS and Android. A PC version will also be available through Facebook Gameroom and Steam sometime in the future. The Western release of the game retains its Japanese voice acting which includes an incredibly rich cast of popular voice actors which are listed on the English website. You can find more details about Onmyoji below.

Onmyoji took Asian countries by storm when it launched late last year, topping charts in China, Japan, and Korea with over 200 million downloads to date and winning the Google Play 2017 Award for Most Competitive Game in China. Now, after a closed beta period, the anime RPG is available in soft launch countries for mobile devices (iOS and Android). It will launch on PC (Facebook Gameroom and Steam) soon, offering players the ability to switch seamlessly between their mobile device and a PC using their same character.

Onmyoji features beautiful anime characters voiced by industry legends such as Rie Kugimiya (Full Metal Alchemist) and Jun Fukuyama (Code Geass), who journey to defeat malicious spirits and find balance between the human and spirit worlds in their role as onmyoji. As players defeat more powerful enemies, gain more friendly spirits (or shikigami) to fight by their side, and earn more amulets and experience, they can level up and customize their unique character.

Join in with your friends to experience the turn-based PvP or PvE combat and battle mysterious and powerful demons. Each character in Onmyoji, good or bad, has its own backstory and motivation whether driven by ferocious loyalty or poignant past trauma. Immerse yourself in the anime world of Onmyoji and learn of fascinating new characters and stories while journeying to become the most powerful onmyoji in the land.

Watch the soft launch trailer here.

Onmyoji is slated for full release in 2018 to Western audiences.

Onmyoji Screenshots and Artwork