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Valkyria Chronicles 4 latest information focuses on Tanks and APCs

UPDATE: The Valkyria Chronicles 4 website has updated with screenshots featuring the tank, APC, and their drivers. All the screenshots can be found in the gallery at the tail of the article.


Sega has published a new information batch for their highly anticipated strategy RPG, Valkyria Chronicles 4, in the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine. This article has an extensive focus on vehicles like Tanks and APCs, from introducing characters who are working as the drivers to explaining how the vehicles can be controlled and upgraded in the game.

We have translated and compiled information from the magazine article, which you can read right after the jump.

Characters – Tank Drivers in the Federation Army

  • Miles Arbeck (voiced by Hiroshi Okamoto)
    The tank driver and maintenance staff assigned to Squad E. He was Claude’s junior in the academy, and they have been riding the same tank since the academy years. Miles trusts Claude as both a tank commander and squad leader. While he is diligent, he also has a hobby in photography.
  • Dan Bentley (voiced by Hisao Egawa)
    A vehicle mania who somehow ended up getting enlisted in the Federation army. After proving his worth as a driver in various squads, he got assigned to Squad E as an APC driver and maintenance staff. Although he doesn’t speak much, he cares for his friends.
  • Ronald Albee (voiced by Atsuki Tani)
    The tank driver of Squad F, which is led by Minerva (Claude’s classmate). Minerva was Ronald’s senior during the academy years, and he had inherited her chivalry spirit. He believes that Minerva will someday take the top spot in the Federation army.

Vehicles - Tanks and APCs

Claude Wallace and Miles Arbeck will ride Squad E’s tank, named Hafen. Tanks have sturdy armor that footsoldiers other than the Anti-Tank Lancers can barely scratch. However, they have a weak point at the shining exhaust exposed on the back. Tanks have three types of ammunition available:

  • Armor-Piercing Shell: The shell goes in a straight line and can pierce even thick armors, damaging tanks and the like.
  • High-Explosive Shell: This anti-personnel shell goes in a parabolic line and results in an explosion that can hit multiple soldiers in a range.
  • Machine Gun: This is used to intercept enemies during Enemy Phase, as well as shooting enemy soldiers that are too close for High-Explosive Shells to hit.

Meanwhile, Dan Bentley will be the driver of the squad’s APC (Armored Personnel Carrier), named Cactus. APCs are transport vehicles that can swiftly carry footsoldiers while protecting them from enemy attacks. However, as APCs have weaker armor, they are susceptible to ordinary gunfire. And if the APC gets destroyed, all footsoldiers inside will also become unusable temporarily.

Research & Development (R&D)

This is the section where the player can upgrade the squad’s armaments and vehicles. Developing footsoldier armaments like rifles and machineguns will upgrade weapons for all soldiers who wield the same weapon type. Vehicles are enhanced by placing optional parts, which are shaped in blocks of varying sizes and can be placed in the vehicles’ grid box. Players can also apply a sticker to the Hafen tank, where each sticker has its own bonus stat to add to the tank.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be released first in Japan on PlayStation 4 on March 22, with the Nintendo Switch version following in summer. The international release, which includes an Xbox One version, will be out later in 2018. You can view more recent screenshots of the game on this page. Find a video promoting the Squad 7 DLC here.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Screenshots

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