My Time at Portia is now available for early access on Steam

If you're craving for more farming simulation RPGs to sink your teeth in look no further - My Time at Portia, an upcoming title by Pathea Games, is now available for early access on Steam. The full release is planned for 2018, alongside the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions. 

My Time at Portia will have the following features:

  • Crafting - From machines, to furniture, to clothing – gather materials to craft a range of items, and prove your building skills by taking on commissions from the town’s Commerce Guild.
  • Farming, fishing and cooking - Expand your workshop and cultivate your crops, or land that big catch and cook up a tasty meal.
  • Relationships - Make new friends and fall in love. Maintain your relationships to avoid jealousy and break-ups.
  • Explore the Land of Portia - Explore all the locations throughout Portia. Will you wander the desert or seek out the Highlands?
  • Character Customisation - Create your builder. Choose from a variety of faces, hairstyles, and features.
  • Battle - Explore abandoned ruins and dungeons, and build your skills to take on even the meanest of foes.
My Time at Portia screenshots

While the game is in Early Access, more content will be added through regular updates, including:

  • New story missions, including the Marriage Life storyline
  • New locations, including ruins, dungeons, and shops
  • New items - including projectile weapons
  • New buildings
  • New features – keep, raise and ride animals, photo mode and birthday parties
  • New mini games and pub games
  • New seasonal events