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Get to learn New Gundam Breaker's new features, setting, and characters

Bandai Namco has gone into full gear this week in promoting the newest game in their popular Gundam Breaker series, New Gundam Breaker, by posting new information about the game at the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine as well as holding a presentation event at Taipei Game Show 2018.

This batch introduces new features that were not in previous Gundam Breaker games, as well as introducing an all-new cast of characters with a new world setting and storyline. You can read more about them right after the jump.

New Features

  • Real-Time Customization Battles
    In past Gundam Breaker games, you could only customize your Gunpla outside missions in the lobby. While it's also still possible in New Gundam Breaker, you will now be able to take dropped Gunpla parts and equip them right away on the spot. Each part has their own set of skills and strengths, so you can instantly strengthen your unit.
  • Team Opposition Co-Op Battles
    Missions in New Gundam Breaker will basically employ a 3-on-3 team battle system, where both teams are given a number of tasks (such as "Destroy 20 units from the unaffiliated Third Force", "Destroy 10 containers", or "Destroy the mobile armor Big Zam") that reward points to the successful team. The team with higher points when the time runs out wins. Although this part specifically mentions a 3-player team, these battles can also be played in single-player mode.
  • New Maps
    New Gundam Breaker will have new maps not present in past games such as the Workshop and Snow Mountain Base.

New Gundam Breaker gameplay screenshots

Storyline and Characters

New Gundam Breaker will have a storyline that takes place at the Gundam Breaker Private Academy, an academy which aims to cultivate human resources that are focused on Gunpla production and battles, located inside a large college town. You, as the protagonist, are attending the high school in the second year and will get involved in various incidents that happen in the academy.

The following characters are also introduced:

  • Yui Mikagura (voiced by Nao Touyama)
    "Please, lend me your power... I can't afford to lose at all...!"
    This third-year student is also the protagonist's childhood friend. She will be the heroine of the story and fight together with you.
  • Rinko Shakuno (voiced by Ari Ozawa)
    "Now, the battle begins!"
    This girl will act as the live commentator for Gunpla battles.
  • Shogo Morita (voiced by Masaya Onosaka)
    "The strong ones are just, and I'm gonna prove that!"
    A delinquent third-year student who believes in raw strength. He will be one of the rivals you will face in the story.
  • Simon Sakaki (voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi)
    "I'll teach you how the gap in funds invested translates directly to a definite gap in strength!!"
    A rich second-year student who believes that money can produce the needed strength. He is also one of the many rival characters that show up in the story.

New Gundam Breaker characters

Unlike the previous game Gundam Breaker 3, which was only localized in English for Southeast Asia, New Gundam Breaker has been confirmed to be out in North America and Europe as well, which means that this game will be released worldwide. It is currently under development using Unreal Engine 4 and is slated for a 2018 release on the PlayStation 4.

You can also watch the world premiere gameplay footage of New Gundam Breaker that was just revealed at Taipei Game Show 2018 right below to get a feel for the new gameplay system.

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