Fate/Extella Link adds new gameplay feature in Active Skills

Marvelous has released a new information batch for Fate/Extella Link at the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine issue. While this batch doesn’t reveal any brand-new playable servants, it introduces a couple of new action systems added to this Dynasty Warriors-meets-Fate hack-and-slash action game.

We have compiled the information below, so keep on reading if you’re interested in checking out the new gameplay features.

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Active Skills

Active Skills are new action techniques that can be set into skill slots, which are tied to the four face buttons. As such, a Servant can equip up to four Active Skills at once. These skills can be used at any time, but they cannot be used consecutively as there will be cooldown time. A servant will learn new skills as they level up, and it seems like the skills will be usable by other servants too at some point.

Famitsu has a list of a few examples of these Active Skills, along with their original learners:

  • Lumiere du Soleil (Charlemagne)
    Gathers and compresses the power of Five Great Elements to the Joyeuse, and launches a mighty sweeping attack.
  • Pseudo-Heroes – Followers (Charlemagne)
    Temporarily summons radiant swords based on the Twelve Heroes on the user’s back. These swords will follow up the user’s normal attacks.
  • Trap of Argalia: Down with the Touch (Astolfo)
    Sweeps with the Trap of Argalia: Golden Horseback Spear. Enemies hit will be stunned.
  • Break Manual: Complete Guide Book of Magic (Astolfo)
    Temporarily envelops the user with strips from a magic tome. If the user gets attacked while this skill is in effect, it will nullify the attack while launching a powerful counter-attack.
  • Golden Anchor (Francis Drake)
    Summons three anchors from the sky to make enemies drop down.
  • Dance Macabre (Francis Drake)
    Swings the Cutlass violently while moving forward.
  • Embroidered God-Slaying Thorn (Scathach)
    Throws a spear forward, which will then split and extend. Enemy hit by this will be stunned and locked in the space.
  • Fervens Aldeo: Burning Holy Fountain (Scathach)
    Jumps on the spot and slams a sword on the ground to cause an explosion.
  • Fox Wedding (Tamamo no Mae)
    Creates a healing field centered on the user. It will gradually heal allies inside the field.
  • Primordial Rune – Fire (Nero Claudius)
    Uses the Primordial Rune to attack enemies by launching three fire pillars in front of the user.
  • Extra Link: Sword from the Moon Sea (Nameless)
    Continuously projects three swords and uses them to launch a powerful 3-hit combo.

Certain types of Active Skills will also get enhanced depending on the servant’s class. We have the list of enhanced Active Skills right below.

  • Close-distance attack skills: Enhanced for Saber and Assassin
  • Far-distance attack skills: Enhanced for Archer
  • Thrusting attack skills: Enhanced for Lancer and Rider
  • Emission attack skills: Enhanced for Caster
  • Wide-range attack skills: Enhanced for Berserker and Ruler


Continuously hitting an enemy Servant with combo attacks or Active Skills will weaken them. In this state, if they are hit again with an enhanced Active Skill, a powerful Rush will be triggered. The player’s Servant will then deal further combo attacks to the enemy Servant, dealing massive damage and taking a good chunk of their HP. Furthermore, there will be a guaranteed drop of an item that raises either attack power or attack speed, so players are highly recommended to trigger this Rush attack.


Fate/Extella Link will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on June 7 in Japan. No English localization has been announced yet for this side-sequel of Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star.

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