Utawarerumono remake introduces more characters and gameplay systems

Aquaplus has updated the official website for the remake of Utawarerumono - the title of which translates to Utawarerumono: Lullaby to the Fallen People in English. Five new characters are introduced, along with some gameplay systems. We have translated the new information which you can read right below.


  • Benawi (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa)
    The samurai general of Kenasikourupe, a country located to the west of Yamaura. A calm and collected man who esteems honor. While he is well-known for his expertise in using a spear, he is also a retainer who loyally serves his lord, thus having a bright prospect in the government.
  • Kurou (voiced by Tsuyoshi Koyama)
    A warrior from Kenasikourupe. The vice leader of Benawi's cavalry unit. He is a natural-born soldier and speaks rather rudely, but he is also sensitive to subtle kindness, making him a reliable fellow.
  • Nuwangi (voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino)
    Eruru's childhood friend. He currently lives far away from Yamaura. He is an over-confident and self-righteous man.
  • Sasante (voiced by Tohru Ohkawa)
    Nuwangi's father. A feudal lord who governs the surroundings of Yamaura where Eruru and others live in. He misgoverns his villagers with despotism as he imposes heavy taxes on the poor villages.
  • Kamuchataru (voiced by Hiroko Taguchi)
    A proprietress who runs a tavern at the red-light district. She has beautiful looks, and people around her yearn her like an elder sister. She seems to be old friends with Benawi and Kurou.

Gameplay Systems


  • Action Chain
    This refers to the unique skills that each unit has; some of them have effects other than attacking such as healing. As the unit levels up, this attack's level will also raise, making it stronger.
    When using an Action Chain, a ring will show up on the screen. The ring continues to shrink, and the objective here is to hit the attack button before the ring disappears to connect the attacks. Pressing it at the right timing when the ring is at its smallest size possible will grant a zeal bonus.
  • Auto-Chain
    After beginning an Action Chain, holding the L1 button will let the game to automatically connect the attacks. While this feature is recommended for players who are not too good with action games, they will not be able to get zeal bonuses.
  • Medicine Techniques
    After progressing through a certain point in the game, Eruru will be able to use these techniques. She'll use her doctor skills to support the battle in various ways, from healing allies' status abnormalities to dealing ailments towards enemies.
    Each technique has a limited amount of usage. When Eruru levels up she will be able to learn new techniques as well as raising their usage limits.
  • Technique Law
    A move that can be used by Technician Soldiers, where they can launch long or wide-ranged attacks. Each technique has a limited amount of usage. When the character levels up they will be able to learn new techniques as well as raising their usage limits.
  • Special Extended Mode
    This is an alternative music mode that gives a new interpretation to the musical aspect of the game's storytelling by using a lot of songs from all three Utawarerumono games: Lullaby to the Fallen People, Mask of Deception, and Mask of Truth.

Utawarerumono: Lullaby to the Fallen People for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita will be released in Japan on April 26, 2018. You can find the previously released trailer and character introductions here.

Utawarerumono: Lullaby to the Fallen People screenshots