Square Enix knows you don't like the recent Chrono Trigger Steam port

Square Enix made waves this week when they made the surprise announcement that Chrono Trigger is now available on Steam.

...But things quickly turned south for the publisher when players realized it was basically a port of the mobile version. It has a lot of the same problems the Final Fantasy V and VI ports had with inconsistent upscaled pixels with bilinear filters, obvious tile sheet boundaries, and more. Even the mobile version received the "visual update" to coincide with the release.

Well, the publisher is apparently aware of all the concerns players have regarding these design decisions and have made an announcement on their Steam page. After reading the feedback and other messages for the Steam version of the game, they are currently assessing on how to proceed.

Hopefully, that involves removing the ugly bilinear filter and do some post-processing cleanup. Or, I dunno, just pay the people who have spent years making Chrono Trigger look amazing via emulator and using that instead? Just a thought!