Granblue Fantasy gets a Persona 5 collaboration event in June

Cygames is in the midst of celebrating the 4th anniversary of the massive success that is Granblue Fantasy. During a live broadcast they just held overnight, they announced their next big collaboration event - Persona 5!

While they didn't say much else about it, they did say that more details will be shared at a later date. If it's anything like past collaboration events, you will most likely be able to recruit one or more of the main characters (at least Joker) along with an original story event featuring the original voice actors. Cygames tends to go above and beyond with their collaborations, and this should be no different.

For now, check out the two promotional images below:


Granblue Fantasy is currently available for iOS, Android, and browsers in Japan, but it also features an English text option (which is very solid). Looking to get into Granblue Fantasy yourself? Be sure to check out our full guide on how to set up an account!

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