Octopath Traveler launches July 13 for Nintendo Switch, Tressa and Alfyn introduced

During Nintendo's Direct presentation today, Masashi Takahashi from Square Enix made an appearance to make a few announcements regarding Octopath Traveler. Most importantly, the game launches on July 13 worldwide - only a couple months from now. The game's title is now final, too, previously called "Project Octopath Traveler".

He also provided details on two more of the game's eight protagonists. Tressa, a merchant, can use her field skill to buy items from NPCs that are not available in shops. You can also find NPCs seeking out specific items and deliver to them. Alfyn, an apothecary, can 'inquire' NPC to various effects, such as getting discounts at the local inn or finding hidden items on the field.

Finally, each character can wield a second job in battle, allowing characters to mix and match abilities that allow each character to expand their arsenal from their base job. Skills can also be obtained in any order, so you can buy skills with low Job Point costs first, or save to purchase the high-cost skills.

Nintendo will also be releasing a special edition of the game, called Octopath Traveler: Wayfarer’s Edition. This version includes "a stylized pop-up book, a helpful cloth map, the Octopath Traveler: Sound Selections CD and a replica coin based on the in-game currency."