Ys Origin comes to Xbox One in April with new speedrun mode

We learned last month that French publisher Dotemu was bringing the classic RPG Ys Origin to Xbox One as part of their broader effort to build up and revive retro franchises. We've learned today that the Ys-series' Xbox debut will land on April 11. Dotemu originally brought Ys Origin over to Playstation 4 and Vita last year, after XSeed originally brought the prequel to the west in 2012 via Steam. 

Dotemu also uploaded a short trailer alongside the release date announcement:

The Xbox One version of the game will include a couple minor additions: there will be a new 'blood option' to allow players to set the level of blood shown from defeated enemies, as well as a new speedrun mode where players can compare times among their Xbox Live contacts. Minor additions to be sure, but nifty all the same.

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