Fate/Extella Link adds Lancelot & Gilles de Rais, explains changes in the gameplay system

After previously adding Archer Arjuna and Berserker Darius III from Fate/Grand Order, Marvelous and Type-Moon have made another announcement batch for Fate/ Extella Link this week, where Berserker Lancelot and Caster Gilles de Rais from Fate/Zero are also confirmed to join the newly playable Servant roster.

In addition to that, Marvelous has also posted details on the gameplay system changes in this side-sequel of Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star. The Master now appears on the battlefield, and the requirements to unleash the Noble Phantasm attack have also changed. You can read more on that after watching the reveal trailers for Lancelot and Gilles de Rais right below.

The Master joins the battle

The Master will now appear on the battlefield. They will be also voiced by their voice actors from the Fate/Extra: Last Encore anime. The male Master will be voiced by Atsushi Abe and the female one by Yui Ishikawa.

The player will still mainly control the selected Servant, and they'll have to protect the sector the Master resides in at all costs, because losing this sector is an instant defeat condition.

The Master (default name Hakuno Kishinami)

A new LINK system when allies are nearby

Staying nearby an ally Servant will form a Link where each Class traits will be shared with each other. The more ally Servants join, the stronger the Class traits will be. Linked Servants will also participate together in a Rush attack.

LINK System

Moon Drive & Noble Phantasm revised

The mechanisms for unleashing Moon Drive and Noble Phantasm have been revised in Link. When the Servant beats enemies normally, blue Magic Spheres will appear on the map, which if gathered will fill up the Drive Gauge. Once full, the player can opt to activate Moon Drive mode which temporarily strengthens the Servant.

When the Servant beats enemies while Moon Drive is active, the Magic Spheres will turn gold instead; these ones will, in turn, fill up the Noble Phantasm Gauge. Once the yellow gauge is filled up, the player will be finally able to unleash the Servant's Noble Phantasm attack.

What used to be the finishing attack of Extella Maneuver in The Umbral Star is now being reassigned as Drive Skill which uses a portion of the Servant's Noble Phantasm. Drive Skill can be unleashed anytime while Moon Drive is active, but launching it will instantly end the Drive.

Noble Phantasms

Details on Multiplayer Mode

The Multiplayer mode is only available on PlayStation 4 so far. Its basic rule is Territory Control Battle, where two teams of 4 Servants compete for points by conquering scored sectors. Points will be only added if the sector is inhibited by Servants from a single team, so when both teams exist in the same sector, one of them will have to be eliminated. The locations of scored sectors will rotate after some time has passed.

This mode also have an exclusive gimmick in Class Towers, which can strengthen all Servants in a team but can only be conquered first by a Servant who has the same Class listed in the tower. Once the tower belongs to a team, however, it will be able to be attacked and re-captured by all Classes.

Multiplayer Mode

As of this article, only one more new playable Servant remains to be announced. This Servant will have a Ruler class, and they will be revealed on next Wednesday, April 4, at 18:00 Japan time (10:00 BST).

Fate/ Extella Link will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on June 7. An English localization has not been announced yet as of this writing.