Fate/Extella Link has more new gameplay features such as Support Servants

After the playable Servant roster has been finalized last week with the addition of the Ruler Karl der Große, Marvelous is making sure the hype for Fate/ Extella Link doesn't die down by giving more new gameplay information at the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine. You will now be able to bring your favorite Servants to support the main Servant, and a couple of gameplay systems from The Umbral Star are returning with new features added to them as well.

You can read the details which have been compiled right below.

FEL Famitsu 180412.jpg
  • Base Camp
    The player’s headquarters in this game will be an aerial fortress named Charles Patricius, which is also one of Charlemagne’s Noble Phantasms. The fortress has multiple facilities like Personal Room, Dormitory, and Strategy Council Room, where you can interact with Servants and prepare for battles.

    You can raise Bond Levels with Servants by clearing side missions or using Code Casts, support spells that can be used by the Master. Servant conversations will change based on the Bond Level, and if it’s high enough they may even give some gift items to you.
  • Support Servants
    You can now bring up to 2 Support Servants who will actually show up on the battlefield to assist your main Servant. They can perform Support Actions such as attacking enemies when the main Servant uses Active Skills or having some probability to protect the main Servant from combo and projectile attacks. Higher Bond Levels with the Support Servants will improve and unlock more Support Actions for them.
  • Install Skills & Double Skills
    Install Skills, which enhance a Servant’s stats when equipped, are making their return from The Umbral Star. Link adds a new feature where two certain skills can be combined after both of them have been maxed out, resulting in the newly added Double Skills.
  • Command Spells
    This integral feature in Fate series is of course also returning in this game. In The Umbral Star, you could spend 1 Spell to revive your Servant or use all 3 Spells to give a tremendous power-up temporarily. Link adds a new Command Spell feature where you can spend 1 Spell to instantly teleport to any sector on the map.

    Just like The Umbral Star, Command Spells are replenished only after exiting a battle, so this time the player will need to make good decisions on when to use them in the battle.
Fate Extella Link System 03.jpg

Fate/ Extella  Link will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan first on June 7. An English localization has also been confirmed recently, and it will be out in the West later this Winter. You can also read more about the gameplay changes from The Umbral Star made in this game.