Capcom Details New Kulve Taroth Monster for Monster Hunter: World, Title Update 3.0.0

Following on the footsteps of last month's Deviljho Title update, as well as this month's Spring Blossom Festival, Capcom have unveiled the next big update for Monster Hunter: World - a new type of 16-player hunt centering around the new Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth.

Capcom explained the new update in depth on their blog, as well as linked to the official update page where we learn that players will hunt the beast in a new area called The Caverns of El Dorado. These new "siege" hunts will require the effort of 4 groups of 4 hunters, all tackling the same Elder Dragon, contributing to the overall success of the hunt individually. Besides gathering new materials for new armor and weapon sets, players stand to gain new Relic Weapons - weapons with randomized stats, that veteran players might remember from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS.

Kulve Taroth, as well as the 3.0.0 title update coming with bug fixes and balance updates, launches this Thursday, April 19th. Capcom has yet to detail how long this initial Kulve Taroth Event Quest will stay in rotation for, though they were quick to note that the quest will rotate - so if you can't hunt him for his first appearance, you shouldn't have to worry about having a chance to reap the rewards later.

Monster Hunter: World Screenshots
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