Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition revealed for the Switch

Well, this is a bit of a surprise. Acquire has announced through the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu that the dungeon crawler series Class of Heroes will be making its debut on the Nintendo Switch (and first appearance in over 6 years) as Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition. Even odder is the fact that the game will be released on April 26 in Japan for 2,759 yen.

What sets Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition apart from the original is pretty basic: it will feature a set of concept art and background music that players can check out. Otherwise, it's still pretty much the same game.

Class of Heroes was originally published in North America by Atlus way back in June 2009. Those interested can still purchase it through PSN. Here's a rundown of the game itself:

Welcome, Adventurers, to Particus Academy! Here at Particus, we strive to equip young men and women with the tools they’ll need to become full-fledged adventurers. Create a custom team of students to explore dungeons and bash monsters in a quest to uncover the secrets of the mysterious labyrinths!

  • Over 500 character possibilities! 
  • Over 75 maps packed with puzzles, traps, and treasure! 
  • Alchemy lets you create and customize new items! 


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