Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch will be released on August 28

Ever since the enhanced version of Monster Hunter Generations (also known as Monster Hunter X/Cross) was released in Japan as Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross), people had been wondering if it would get localized to the West, especially after learning that the game, which was originally available on Nintendo 3DS, also later received a Nintendo Switch release in Japan.

Worry no longer about that, as Capcom and Nintendo have finally announced that they are localizing the Nintendo Switch release of Monster Hunter XX as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.


Generations Ultimate adds even more content to the already packed Generations. It adds a new high-rank questline in the single-player story as well as the series-staple G-rank quests. Two new Hunting Styles, Alchemy and Valor (Brave in Japan), are also added to complement the initial lineup of Guild, Striker, Aerial, and Adept styles.

Ultimate also brings back some more of the series' memorable monsters such as Barioth and Congalala. The game's new flagship Elder Dragon, which is known as Valphalk in the Japanese release, shall now be known in English as Valstrax. It also adds more new Deviant monsters including Bloodbath Diablos, Boltreaver Astalos, Elderfrost Gammoth, Soulseer Mizutsune, Nightcloak Malfestio, and Rustrazor Ceanataur.

You can read the press release and see the official trailer and screenshots right below.

Get ready to hunt monsters in style with Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate when it arrives on Nintendo Switch on August 28th!

Master up to 6 unique Hunting Styles against countless monsters in unique environments. Use spectacular Hunter Arts to hunt your prey, or assume the role of your felyne friends in Prowler mode to take on your fearsome beasts. This is the most customizable Monster Hunter experience to date!

Transfer your save data from Monster Hunter Generations on Nintendo 3DS to continue the hunt in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Nintendo Switch!


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate screenshots

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will be released for Nintendo Switch on August 28. To get a feel for how the game looks like, you can read James' import review of the Japanese version which released last year.

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