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Square Enix shares Dragon Quest Builders 2 bonuses for returning players

Square Enix revealed in a new update for the official website that those who carry over their save data from Dragon Quest Builders 1 to Dragon Quest Builders 2 will pick up some nice bonus content along the way!

One of the rewards you'll get from importing your save is what they call the "Legendary Builder's Cap", which allows you to change your character's hair style to the one that topped the head of the original Dragon Quest Builders protagonist.

In order to unlock it, you must have received the "Escape Artist" trophy from the PS4, PS3, or Vita versions of the game, or wave the "Banner of Hope" flag in the first chapter in the Nintendo Switch version.

Here's a trailer for that particular bonus:

The second reward is the Dragonlord's Throne Recipe, allowing you to change the look of your character to Dragonlord while you're sitting on the throne. For those one, you'll need the "Torchbearer of Tantegel" trophy in the PS4, PS3, and Vita versions, or cleared the Final Chapter in the Switch version.

Here's a trailer for that bonus:

Dragon Quest Builders is currently being developed for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. A release date has been announced for the title, nor has there been any confirmation of a localization for the west.

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