Prepare to deal with numerous battle gimmicks in Fate/Extella Link

While it will still be a while until Fate/ Extella Link releases in the West, it is coming out in Japan in less than a month as of this article. To prepare players on this Fate-meets-Dynasty Warriors action game, Marvelous has published a new information batch of the game in the Weekly Famitsu magazine which explains the gameplay mechanics. more in-depth than the previous batch, by giving some examples of gimmick events that the player will encounter in the game's battles.

We have translated and compiled the latest information from the magazine, which you can read right after the jump.

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Battle Gimmicks

In the battlefield, your army will be troubled by various strategies prepared by the enemy. If you do not break their strategies, it will put your army at a disadvantage, so solving them quickly will be the key to victory. Be prepared that in the worst case, you may end up losing due to causes like losing the Master.

  1. Abduction – The enemy Servant Lancelot will approach the Master and abduct him/her. Lancelot will then changes his form to a Shadow Servant and will attempt to flee. While the Master is abducted, you won’t be able to use Code Casts or Command Spells, so you’ll need to rescue him/her ASAP.
  2. Jamming – Due to enemy jamming, you won’t be able to confirm information on the map. Before your allies get defeated by the enemy’s raid unit, you must find and destroy Plants that cause the jamming. The Plants exist somewhere in the map, and once they are destroyed the map will be cleared of the jamming.
  3. Faceless King – Robin Hood can use his Noble Phantasm: No Face May King to turn invisible. Your army will be struggling against continuous assaults from the unseen enemy. You can sense Robin’s presence by getting really close to him, so move around the area and find the target while not missing the attack moment. Attack him before he disappears again.

Attack enemies from behind

In this game, it is better to attack enemy Servants from behind, because you can deal more damage than attacking them from the front. Li Shuwen, as an Assassin-class Servant, will especially deal even more damage this way. However, the enemies won’t easily expose their backs. This is where you’ll need either cooperation with allies or Active Skills that stop enemy movements. Attacking enemies from behind often will make it easier to defeat them.

The story will change based on the Master’s choice

As you progress through the story, the Master will be given choices that determine which attack routes or top priorities to take. Nobody knows which choice would be the most optimal. But sometimes you will still be pressed to make important decisions. Based on the selections taken, the appearing enemies and even story developments may be different.

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How to activate the Rush attack

Hitting enemies with continuous attacks or Active Skills will make them flinch. When hitting them with an Active Skill that fits the class traits right when they’re flinching, it will trigger a Rush. Other than dealing a combo attack with big damage, they will also drop items that have effects like increasing attack power, which will turn battles to your advantage.

Item Folder

This refers to item chests located on the map. When hit and broken, they may spawn the following items:

  • Sandwich – Small HP recovery
  • Bento Box – Large HP recovery
  • Sake Bottle – Small Drive Gauge recovery
  • Wine Bottle – Large Drive Gauge recovery
  • Phantasm Circuit – Small Noble Phantasm recovery
  • Multiple Phantasm Circuits – Max Noble Phantasm recovery
  • Red Sword – Raise attack power
  • Yellow Sword – Raise attack speed

Secret Folder

This is an Item Folder that stores rare Install Skills. It is initially locked but will emit an area that will automatically absorb Magic Spheres from enemies beaten inside. Let it gather enough Magic Spheres to unlock the treasure concealed inside.

Other than the above information, this batch also confirms that there will be more enemy peon types, such as Darius III’s undead army from Athanaton Ten Thousand and Iskandar’s human army from Ionioi Hetairoi. Finally, it also confirms that there will be new alternate costumes added to each Servant in this game. Some of these costumes will even change character appearances during conversations.


Fate/Extella Link will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita first in Japan on June 7. An English localization has also been confirmed, which will be out later this Winter.