Azur Lane English version has been officially announced by Yostar

Yostar Limited has announced that they will be releasing an English version of Azur Lane. Other than the English website, an English Twitter account, and even a Facebook page have been set up; all of these have been confirmed to be official by the Japanese press release.

Azur Lane is a mobile shooting RPG featuring personifications of mostly World War II-era warships developed by Chinese companies Manjuu and Yongshi. It was first released in China in May 2017 and later made its way to Japan in September.

Many people may think that Azur Lane bears a striking resemblance with Kantai Collection, the DMM browser game which sparked the shipgirl boom in the Japanese subculture. Despite so, Azur Lane has unexpectedly gained so much popularity in Japan that it can even rival Kancolle, partially thanks to its original gameplay systems. We have posted an article which explained this in more detail earlier this year.

Since then, Azur Lane has enacted a number of collaborations with other IPs such as Compile Heart's Hyperdimension Neptunia, Wargaming's World of Warships, and even an upcoming one with Sunrise's mecha anime show Armored Trooper Votoms. In the trailer below, which is posted at the game's official English YouTube channel, you can check out the collaboration content from World of Warships that has been added to Azur Lane.

The English version of Azur Lane is planned to be released on Android and iOS within the year 2018.