Monster Hunter: World adds Final Fantasy XIV's Behemoth in Summer 2018

Earlier during this E3 2018 week, Square Enix revealed a collaboration between Final Fantasy XIV and Capcom's Monster Hunter: World, where FFXIV will see the addition of Monster Hunter's Rathalos as a new monster in the MMORPG, in addition to an appearance of the Palico partner.

And today, Capcom has finally unveiled their own side on this collaboration, as Monster Hunter: World will also receive some major tie-up content from FFXIV with an upcoming title update patch. It is revealed that Behemoth, the famous monster which has been featured in multiple Final Fantasy games, will be making its way to the Elder's Recess in Monster Hunter's New World.

However, Behemoth will not be the only addition coming from FFXIV. In the official trailer which you can watch right below, you can also see the little Cactuar popping up, startling our own hunter in this game.

Behemoth from Final Fantasy XIV will be added to Monster Hunter: World in a free title update slated to come this Summer. As a side note, the latest MH:W update added Teostra's female companion Lunastra. You can check out our guide on how to prepare for fighting against her.

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