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Compile Heart reveals their newest RPG titled Varnir of the Dragon Star

Compile Heart has revealed a brand-new RPG titled Varnir of the Dragon Star. This is the fifth title to be listed in Compile Heart's Galapagos RPG brand after the previous one, Death end re;Quest, was recently released in Japan on April 12. The genre of this RPG is "Eat dragons to stay alive".

As revealed at the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine issue, Varnir of the Dragon Star is Compile Heart's most ambitious title to date as the producer Norihisa Kochiwa and director Makoto Kitano are gathering all know-hows the team has collected into a compilation with this game.

The main theme and battle BGMs in Varnir are being made by the famous composer Motoi Sakuraba. This game also features five illustrators which respectively designs each of the five main characters. And Compile Heart has even announced that they are collaborating with Nihon Falcom as dragons from the latter's Trails series, such as the ancient dragon Ragnard from Trails in the Sky and the dark dragon Zoro-Agruga from Trails of Cold Steel, will also make an appearance in this game.

You can see the game's first trailer and screenshots as well as biographies of the main characters right below.

  • Zephy, the awakened bloodline
    Voiced by Daiki Abe, designed by Meikyu Riruru
    A lowly knight belonging to the Soul-Reposing Knights, a group which hunts witches. Although he is serious and stubborn, he has another side of caring for his friends. When he got assaulted by a dragon he was rescued by a witch. And after having to drink dragon blood, the latent magic power inside him awakens.
  • Minessa, the person who resists destiny
    Voiced by Sayaka Senbongi, designed by Manamitsu
    A single-minded witch who has a strong sense of responsibility. She is always looking for clues to dispel the dragon's curse, which makes her look pitiful and even tragic. She is the only survivor of the Hellfire Festival, a witch massacre which happened 10 years ago, and she has an extreme phobia of flames. She is somewhat interested in men as she never gets in touch with them outside battles.
  • Karikaro, the eldest sister of the Death Pool
    Voiced by Ayaka Fukuhara, designed by Nanameda Kei
    A witch who, although dry, has something lacking. She thinks either rationally or in a short-term, as she says she wants to "kill" something. She has already surpassed the age limit of witches and fears that death will visit her soon. Although she likes cooking, she has a unique sense in her taste, so the gap between hit and miss is large.
  • Laponetto, the clairvoyance of sorrow
    Voiced by Hisako Tojo, designed by Katsuyuki Hirano
    A graceful witch who always looks sad. Although she possesses the clairvoyance magic, she sometimes unintentionally predicts tragedies happening to people who asked for it, so she herself doesn't like having that magic. She is extremely fearful of interacting with people unless they can be trusted, and she is also afraid of men.
  • Charlotta, the legendary witch
    Voiced by Sachika Misawa, designed by Tsunako
    The mysterious girl who calls herself the "Hellfire Witch" who triggered the Hellfire Festival 10 years ago where more than 100 witches were burned to death. Although she looks innocent and fascinating, sometimes she shows her dark side with deep thoughts. She dwells at Negra in the Holy Region, and she makes fun of Zephy and his group who has come to contact her.

Varnir of the Dragon Star screenshots

Compile Heart's newest RPG Varnir of the Dragon Star will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan on October 11, 2018.

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