NIS America releasing RPG Maker MV for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in 2019

NIS America has announced that RPG Maker MV - the latest entry in the game creation series - is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch in 2019. The title includes both English and Japanese voiceovers alongside EFIGS text options.

Alongside the software's launch, The RPG Maker MV Player app will also be available as free download for mobile devices, where users can play games created by others.


A Limited Edition is available on NIS America's store [Switch / PS4 / Xbox One] for $59.99 and includes: RPG Maker MV Creator's Log, official soundtrack, and collector's box.

Find a trailer and overview below. Find the official website here.

About the Software:

An epic journey begins... with YOU! Become a master game developer with RPG Maker MV. With an assortment of tools at your fingertips, create elaborate, exciting, and memorable video games straight from your console! Then, share your adventures online with other players, who can enjoy your epic chronicles! The possibilities are endless with the latest and greatest RPG Maker software. With hundreds of assets and an infinite number of ways to create your game, turn your dream tale into the next greatest video game!

Key Features:

Your Next Adventure Begins Here - A high fantasy tale of knights and dragons? A modern story of high school romance? A chronicle of gods and demons? If you can dream it, you can make it! 

Game Development Made Easy - Say goodbye to complicated coding! This software provides ease of navigating and development with straightforward world and character creation, overworld customization, and more! 

Make, Upload, Play! - Enjoy games made by fellow gamers with the RPG Maker MV Player, free for download and play, even without the RPG Maker MV game! 

An Endless Fountain of Customization - With hundreds of graphical assets and an infinite number of possibilities to create your very own world and story, the sky's the limit!