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New Gundam Breaker update patch to version 1.02 is out now

After previously detailing the plans to update New Gundam Breaker, Bandai Namco has finally put it into motion by releasing an update patch today, which upgrades the game to version 1.02. This patch tries to improve some of the widely criticized points in the gameplay system such as input responses and lock-on behaviors.

You can read the detailed patch notes, which have been translated from the Japanese official website, right below.

Improve button input responses and stability for motions during battles

  • Adjusted the timing to detect button-holding commands such as Boost, Charged Shot, and more
  • Improved Boost input reception during action controls
  • Improved parts of the stability for motions

Adjust camera and lock-on behaviors

  • Improved parts of the automatic lock-on behaviors
  • Improved the display frame during lock-on

Adjust behaviors of the Third Force, as well as removal of parts due to damage received from the Third Force

  • Improved AI and behaviors of the Third Force
  • Modified so that your parts will no longer be removed from Third Force attacks

Adjust each parameter stats

  • Adjusted the Atomic Bazooka
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Modify Multiplayer mode so that players can obtain parts gathered by their team

  • Modified so that team members can share parts collected into the Cube during multiplayer sessions

Deal with the phenomenon where the screen corners got cut off depending on the monitor used

  • Now supports the PS4 display area settings (which can be accessed from the PS4 console's Settings > Sound and Screen > Display Area Settings)


New Gundam Breaker has been released worldwide for PlayStation 4. A PC Steam version is going to be released later this Summer. You can also read our review for the PlayStation 4 version of this game.

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