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Monster Hunter: World's Final Fantasy XIV collaboration content will be available in the August title update

Previously at E3 2018, Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter: World is going to have a collaboration with Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV by inviting the famous Final Fantasy monster Behemoth to the New World. Today Capcom has unveiled more details on this collaboration which will be available in next month's major update for the game.

The FFXIV collaboration will bring in more content other than just Behemoth, as a Moogle is also confirmed to make an appearance, and it also seems like the Moogle will be able to support the player like a Felyne. Cactuars also seem to appear on fields like Endemic Life; when they get hit by the hunter's attacks they will release numerous spikes.

And of course, there will be some FFXIV gear that can be obtained and used by players in this collaboration. The most notable one is the Dragoon armor along with the Gae Bolg weapon which gets categorized as an Insect Glaive and even has a Dragon Soul acting as the 'insect'. You can see more of them in the trailer which has just been published by Capcom right below.

The Final Fantasy XIV collaboration content for Monster Hunter: World will be available through a free title update patch that will be released on August 1 in the Americas and August 2 in Europe and Asia simultaneously.

In related news, Capcom has also recently announced that the long-awaited PC version of Monster Hunter: World will be finally available through Steam on August 9.

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