Azur Lane official English trailer published by Yostar

Yostar has published an official trailer for the English version of Azur Lane, the mobile side-scrolling shooting RPG where players collect and train characters based on World War II-era warships, which has been taking the East by storm since last year.

Compared to the ship-girl boom originator Kantai Collection which heavily focused on Japanese warships, Azur Lane offers a more balanced roster that covers not only Japanese but also American, British, and German ships. You can read more comparisons between them in our feature article.

Yostar has also started a pre-registration event in the English official website. You can simply enter your email address in the form given to pre-register. The more pre-registrations recorded, the more rewards will be unlocked, as listed below:

  • 5000: 5 Magic Cubes (used to start constructing ships)
  • 10000: 5 Rapid Constructions (used to speed up ship constructions)
  • 20000: 5 Royal Cuisine (used to stock up food supply in the Backyard)
  • 30000: 200 Diamonds (the game's microtransaction currency used to purchase additional slots, exclusive costumes, and more)
  • 50000: USS Yorktown (CV-5, Yorktown-class aircraft carrier voiced by Yuuki Kana)

The English version of Azur Lane is planned to be released on Android and iOS sometime within 2018.