Arc the Lad mobile entry to be fully revealed on July 30

Sony's ForwardWorks studio has revealed through the teaser website that they are planning on a big reveal for Arc the Lad on smartphone devices on July 30 (a week from Monday).

While that's about the long and short of it at this point, they did share a brand new key visual for the title, which you can check out below:


For those unaware, Sony originally announced a mobile version of Arc the Lad back in 2016 alongside a new Wild Arms mobile entry (which we haven't heard about since). ForwardWorks is Sony's new mobile-focused studio that is attempting to take some of its popular IPs and turn them into solid smartphone games.

Arc the Lad for mobile will feature the return of some of its core developers including producer Toshiro Tsuchida, composer Masahiro Andoh, and scenario writer Norihiko Yonesaka.

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