Death's Gambit - Features Trailer and Details

White Rabbit and Adult Swim Games have released a new trailer for action sidescroller RPG Death's Gambit, showcasing various elements of the game such as the campaign, weapons, and skills.

Alex Kubodera, Art Director at White Rabbit, also took to PlayStation Blog to provide more information about the various features displayed in the trailer. Death's Gambit is a challenging open-ended game with various routes to take, and the player can expect to 'die' to the formidable bosses you'll face. Thankfully, due to a contract with Death, the player can be resurrected numerous times as they explore the world of Siradon. Those who want to can cancel Death's contract and play Death's Gambit as a mortal in an ironman type mode. Check out the blog to learn more, as well as about classes and weapon abilities.

Death's Gambit is set to release on August 14 for PC and PlayStation 4. You can find a previously released gameplay trailer and information here. Those who decide to pick up the game early by preordering on Steam will be able to obtain "Chosen of Death Pack", a collection of DLC that includes a scythe, shield, and a steed skin.

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