Yo-Kai Watch 4 has three worlds, will be released in Japan in Winter 2018

Last month, Level-5 has formally revealed Yo-Kai Watch 4, the newest sequel to the highly popular yokai-collecting cross-media game series. They have recently released a bit more information on this hugely anticipated sequel which will be the first one in the series to be released on Nintendo Switch.


With the Yo-Kai Ark item, which was introduced in the reveal trailer, the player will be able to travel around three worlds taking place in different periods. Each world also has their own protagonist and yokai, which you can check in the list below.

  1. Keita's World, featuring the series' familiar protagonist Keita as we know him already, together with Jibanyan and Whisper.
  2. Shin's World, which is based on the Yo-kai Watch: Forever Friends movie, starring Shin Shimomachi along with his yokai Nekomata. Suu-san will also appear here.
  3. Natsume's World, which takes place 30 years after Keita's world, starring a new character Natsume who turns out to be Keita's daughter in the future. The small yokai is named Junior, and the new yokai that looks like Jibanyan is known as Jibanyan (Light Side). The above screenshot depicts the player strolling in Sakura Motomachi town in Natsume's world.
Yokai Watch 4 Protagonists

Yo-Kai Watch 4 is going to be released for Nintendo Switch in Japan in Winter 2018. A western release has not been announced yet as of this writing.